Blaze – FAQ’S

How MUCH homework can I expect each week?

Each teacher determines his/her own homework load, but in general, we try to remain under 6 hours each week. Every child works at a unique pace, so if your child is consistently spending over 6 hours per week on homework, please discuss the situation with the teacher.  

Do I need to pay all of my fees up front, or can i pay over time?

You are free to do either, but you must always be paid up per the registration agreement. Falling behind may result in your child being unable to finish the course, but please contact the pastor to discuss options before you withdraw. We are not only a school. We are a church.

Can I drop a course mid-year?

We strongly discourage dropping a class. When you register, you agree to the following:

By signing this form parents legally agree to pay for a full school year. If payments are not made at any time according to this payment schedule, Blaze can unenroll the student from the class. Space in class is only guaranteed when payment and registration paperwork is received on time. Additionally, a late fee of $20 will be assessed for any payments that do not meet the scheduled due dates.

Does Blaze provide lunch during the Lunch / Social time?

Students will need to bring a lunch with them. We do not offer any food for free or purchase during lunch.

Will Blaze create a student transcript for me?

Unfortunately, no. It remains the parent’s responsibility to create a high school transcript. An exceptions made for dual credit courses, where the college offering the dual credit will issue a transcript for those classes only.