Welcome to Blaze

Designed For Homeschoolers

Our rapidly growing program is designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers. We understand the value of engaging curriculum and the freedom of the homeschool lifestyle. Our flexible schedule allows you to choose one class or many, depending on your student’s needs. We want your child to be the best student they can be, to engage with friends who support them, and to learn in an environment that prepares them for college.

First-Rate Curriculum

Do classes like AP, dual-credit, or chemistry sound intimidating? You might be surprised by what an apt fit these classes can be. Does your student hate writing or love it?  Adore math equations or struggle to keep up?  Or somewhere in between? We offer high-quality classes and workshops for all kinds of students, designed to meet them where they are at. 

Because of our structure,  quality curriculum, and passionate teachers many students that might not seem ready for rigorous academics thrive in our classes.


1. Love of God

Every class at Blaze is taught from a Christian worldview. Our goal is to support the development of the faith of your student every day at Blaze! The Junior High and High School years form the foundation of your child’s faith as they embark into adulthood. That means these years are times a time for the student to make their faith their own, and our goal is to ensure we are preparing them spiritually. 

2. Quality of Education

Our goal is to make every Blaze class the very best opportunity for your student to not only learn the material, but also to be prepared to go to college. That mission begins with teachers who are highly qualified in their field, are engaging in the classroom, and value the education of every student. Our low teacher-student ratios ensure plenty of attention for every student and helps create a classroom where no student is invisible. 

3. Love of Learning

Blaze exists because of a passion for learning at First Montgomery, among the teachers who educate our students, and among the parents who choose Blaze. Our desire is for your student to love the Lord and love to learn. As such, we strive for engaging classes that maximize the benefits of homeschooling and reach the students right where they are. We want to open their eyes to the amazing Creation all around them, to the literature of the ages, to the wonder and order of mathematics, and to cultures around the world. 

Students are infused with a love for acquiring academic knowledge and skills, which fans the flame of pursuing education independently, even beyond the classroom. Each of our teachers has a contagious passion for their subject and big heart for helping students catch that passion. What’s more, we understand the value of community. Through field trips, designated social times, and fun classroom atmospheres, a student’s love of learning continues to grow.