First Montgomery Kids Academy – Kinder Prep: 2 or 3 Day


2 or 3 Day

We are very excited to be able to offer a 2-3 day a week Kinder Prep class this year.  In this class we prepare our students for kindergarten.  Our students are assessed at the beginning, middle and end of the year.  We send these reports home to our parents and provide a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child’s learning progress.  We have reached out to our local schools to find out what they are wanting children to know before entering kindergarten and have worked hard to add those things to our curriculum.  

In reading/writing, we will be teaching:

  • A new letter each week
  • The sound each letter makes and have a class discussion about what words start with that letter
  • Writing and building their names and other words every day
  • A new number each week
  • After Thanksgiving Break, students are given sight words to practice at school and at home
  • We play many fun sight word games and start sight word book reading as a class and individually.  
  • Teachers read daily to their students to expose them to as many words and as much vocabulary as possible.  

In math, we will be teaching:

  • How to graph and pattern on their own
  • Along with our themes, this class will have an opportunity to graph together
  • We focus on simple addition and subtraction year round
  • We introduce basic fractions with fun cooking activities and recipes
  • A new number is introduced each week
  • We may make a fun snack as a class to be able to count and recognize the numbers
  • The same shape and color is reviewed for two weeks at a time.  

In science:

  • We pick a topic to learn about every month, and we do a really fun science experiment.  

In history:

  • Our students will learn about a famous person each month that did something great to help improve our world.  

The Bible is a very big part of our program:  

  • Our students participate in chapel every day where they sing praise and worship songs.  
  • Students are given a new Bible verse each week.  
  • At the end of the week there is a class Bible drill so students can recite the Bible verse on their own.  
  • Teachers go over the Bible lesson in class.  This is when students get to answer questions, play games, and make a craft that goes along with the Bible story.  

The children learn the daily procedures of a structured learning environment such as:

  • Learning classroom rules
  • Raising their hands during discussions
  • Etc.  

We are happy to offer these enrichment programs at no extra cost to parents:

  • P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • Music on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Giggle Bus once a month
  • Basketball fundamentals once a month