Our Motto & Values

Our Motto

Our motto attempts to sum up the teaching of Jesus Christ as He demonstrated how mankind is to be in relationship to God and to each other. This motto has many meanings:
  1. When given the chance to rank the commandments, Jesus put #lovefirst.
  2. We choose to love Jesus because he chose to #lovefirst
  3. To share the gospel, we should #lovefirst
  4. Life transformation begins with #lovefirst
  5. We don’t just love back… We #lovefirst
  6. We #lovefirst Montgomery

Our Values

Transforming Lives
We exist to share the good news of Jesus to a lost world. We also are a place where followers of Jesus can walk together as they seek to live more and more like Jesus. So we look for ways to help the lost to be found, and for every Christian to mature.

Making a Difference
Missions-minded. In everything we do, we seek to make sure we shine the light of Jesus. Helping those in need, teaching biblical truths, foreign missions, etc are part of this. But a second focus is also very important: coming to church should make a difference to everyone here. Emphasizing life application in all our lessons, seeing practical needs and addressing them, etc: church should impact our lives.

Building Relationships
Our world has become more and more isolated. First Montgomery will offer a disconnected world a place to connect with Christians who want to grow together in Christ. Fellowship, prayer, serving, mission trips, discussions rather than lectures, etc all support this value.

Accepting People
Church should be a place where everyone is welcome. No matter how you dress, how much money you have, how you vote, where you go to school, what special need you have, what your scars are, etc: you are accepted here. We all come to Jesus sinful, so we all know the importance of grace. But we accept people, not sins. We love people enough to help them out of whatever snares have trapped them. We also teach biblical truth about what the Bible calls sin.

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