Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Missions encompasses all the efforts of our church to join in the Missio Dei (Mission of God). This means reaching all peoples in all places... locally and internationally. It means sharing the gospel by demonstrating #lovefirst, which involves relationships, meeting physical needs, and meeting spiritual needs. 

Mission Montgomery

Our local missions efforts are combined under what we call Mission Montgomery. Through partnerships with lots of businesses, ministries, and churches, we collect and distribute literally tons of food and goods to the people who need them most.

Through Mission Montgomery, we offer free groceries in our gym every other week immediately after church on Sunday. These groceries are available to anyone for their family or for them to take to a family in need. 

Mission Montgomery also delivers food to families in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas through a partnership with Montgomery ISD school counselors and Brookshire Brothers. Residents of Montgomery purchase meals when they checkout at Brookshire Brothers, and the school counselors recommend families to receive these meals. We contact all the families and coordinate a meal delivery day, with families in our church delivery 1-3 meals. 

It takes a lot of people working together to make this all happen, and we are always looking for folks to help! If you have a heart for local missions, jump into Missions Montgomery today!

El Salvador

We have a long-term church-to-church partnership with our sister church in El Salvador. We make annual trips to work side by side with them to bless both of our churches in as many ways as possible.

Through this partnership, our church sponsors students in the Christian High School at our partner church, and we have the opportunity for sponsors to meet the family they are helping. It's a great time for us to be able to see and share what God is doing in both cultures.

We also help with emergency relief as needed. Whether food, water, groceries, or more, we have a close enough relationship with our partner church to meet real needs in a rapid way. Whether natural disasters or COVID shutdowns are the cause, we have the ability to have tremendous local support for effective international aid.

But partnership is ultimately about being brothers and sisters in Christ. We form life-long friendships with the folks we meet and serve. These pastors, leaders, and church members in El Salvador never cease to inspire us and give us reasons to praise God. We are all truly one family.

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