The other night, I was watching the Superbowl. Now, I watch it because I am a huge football fan. Others watch for different reasons that I'd like to explore for a moment. As I got up the next day to scroll thru the News, and Social Media sites, I wondered why after the largest sporting event of the year that the majority of talk is not about the game itself but rather the commercials and halftime show.
I do not understand why so many people get excited about commercials on this day, but the rest of the year they DVR their shows or Binge watch them on some platform so they can either fast-forward past every one, or never see one at all!
Why also do so many get excited about a 15 min "performance" (PSST... - they're not actually doing anything but moving around-) when there are live, televised documentaries, shows and concerts (AXS) that include many artists from all different genres and eras every year. I mean, I enjoyed it, but c'mon.
People have become so fascinated with all the other things that surround this event, that they have taken their eyes/focus off the main thing that brought them all together and that was a football game. (At least for most of us...)
As Christians, that same mindset has not only crept into our lives and our families but also our churches. We lose sight of what really matters. Who really matters.
Churches today are all about everything looking right, sounding off the right vibe and image. The gathering together as believers should not at all be about who we see, what we do or how we "feel" but rather WHO we WORSHIP. It is JESUS who we sing to. It is HIM we exalt. It is HIM who is Worthy. It is ALL ABOUT HIM!!
You see this world would rather us all get so sideways and get our thoughts and conversations about all the other things going on around us vs. the main thing that is going on...the ONE who brought us all together in the first place! JESUS
Jesus is to be that priority. He is the one that no matter what comes our way, should be the focus. Jesus is truly not only the one we gather for, but the one we live should be living for!
Don't lose sight of Jesus...He is still the main thing and ought to be the focus. Col 1:16
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Julie - February 23rd, 2022 at 1:55pm

Good point!