Why Do We Worship?

Why do we worship?

We worship because of who HE is.
God is Creator and HE is worthy of our worship.
We worship HIM because of HIS uniqueness, supremeness and holiness.
We worship HIM because HE commands us to.
Jesus teaches us in John 4 that the Father is seeking true worshipers, those that worship God in both spirit and truth.
We worship God to bless HIM.
We worship God because HE desires us to and it pleases HIM.
We worship God in order to draw near to HIM. 
We worship HIM for what HE has done for us. It's a form of Thanksgiving.  
We were created to worship HIM. 
To worship HIM is to recognize, honor, and express the worthiness of God that HE is due as our Maker.

Remember Worship is not about Music or Singing or Genre or Style... It’s about desiring HIM to receive your praise!

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